Altstadt : Musik : Spass : Bdsm : Club.:M:. by Burt RoBroductions

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Nigel Palmer @ The Rose Theatre Second Life.

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Nigel Palmer performing live at The Rose Theatre in Second Life. Lighting and sets by Kaya Angel.

2012 4 10 Strawberry Festival

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The animated intro background was provided by Go there for amazing free video intros, artwork, and web templates.


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HD & Full Screen, Please. My interpretation of Alizarin Goldflake’s, “Acquarella: After the Apocalypse” art installation now at Split Screens in Second Life.

1st collector for Aquarella
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Marilyn Monroe – I Wanna Be Loved by You (nykoist acid house remix)

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This experimental video was released in December 2011. For best quality watch it in HD 720p.

ChartaAversa Exhibit

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ChartaAversa Exhibit
One late evening I couldn’t sleep so I went to my PC and went on SL to do something and read someone who belonged to an art group I belong to in SL needed to put out some work so I offered to assist and it happened so fast.

Images from Russia.

New Babbage – Dusk

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The steampunk victorian era city of New Babbage in Second Life


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