Avaria & Grendel’s Children on Vimeo

slurl.com/secondlife/Avaria%20Tor/209/228/250All Sounds Recorded Live Grendel’s ChildrenFour sims rebuilt 5 days. Avaria Sims now unified by single river cutting through sandstone canyons lined by bottomwood hardwood forests, surrounded by drier pine uplands.Temples, caves, village, meteor crater and more await the intrepid explorer. Terraforming: Flea Bussy, Ryan Snook, Psyra Extraordinare, Sanje Batra, Constant Riel, & Toady NakamuraRocks, Sculpts, Caves, Tree & Plant Creation: Flea Bussy, Ryan Snook, Sanje Batra, RaptonX Zorger, Merlin Falworth & Toady Nakamura.Prim Installation: Flea Bussy, Ryan Snook, RaptonX Zorger, Sanje Batra, Psyra Extraordinare, Constantine Riel, Merlin Falworth, & Toady Nakamura. Village: Flea Bussy, Ryan SnookScripting – Craft System: Flea BussyScripting – drakelets: Piper Zuhal Scripting – Geysers, Sun Dial, Sound Prims, Rockfalls: Toady NakamuraWaterfall & Statuary Particles, Water & Motion – Flea Bussy

Vodpod videos no longer available.

~ by malburns on June 24, 2009.

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