Leslee McCarey Debut Gig

Leslee McCarey Debut Gig

Photo by Dizzy Banjo

No video for this I’m afraid but the SL debut by RL performer Leslie McCarey was superb. She obviously had a wonderful sense of what SL is about and picked a wonderfully romantic venue for her live launch.

For someone who had not done a live gig for over a decade it was an accomplished and confident show, with a nice mix of folks and blues with a little humour thrown in. The venue was rightly packed out and her sense of “presence” was overwhelming. Good also to see the likes of Juel Resistance, Grace McDunnough and Dizzy Banjo in the audience – it was Dizzy who snapped up this wonderful picture.

It seems there was a sound recording of the concert made, so we may even get to hear it again at some point. Better news still though – Leslee will play again next Sunday. It’s to be at the Woodstock Sim (appropriately) and I suspect it will be even more popular as word about today gets around.

It looks like another highly talented musician is about to adopt Second Life as a place to bring us something special and I can’t wait for more. Her website is at http://www.lesliemckay.com and she has an album you can buy. She also promises MP3 downloads in the near future and is even involved with new recently formed “Metamusic” group inworld so I think we can expect an active future from this exceptional artiste.

~ by malburns on October 14, 2007.

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  1. aww, thanks Malburns – such kind words! You’re a real sweetheart! 🙂

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