Vigils & Meditation for Burma

Vigil/Meditation for Burma

Originally uploaded by KCasavecchia

Today has been a marathon effort to spend some time considering the plight of the people of Burma in RL, particularly the monks being persecuted. All citizens of that land are suffering, with a total block on web communications, let alone Second Life.

Naturally we are all hoping our fellow metaversalists in Burma will be back with us soon and that the outrages in their country will cease. It was good to see all the red t-shirts being worn across the SIMs and people giving time for vigils like this one on Commonwealth Island.

Solidarity is an important stance, even if inworld activities have little effect on RL outcomes. It is the thought that counts and every little helps in getting the message across. If just a few casual avatars have become more aware as a result, it will have been worth it.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

~ by malburns on September 29, 2007.

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