Flock Gets a New Boss

As new versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer arrive, so too does an overhaul of Flock. Flock is built on the Firefox engine but is designed to offer enhanced integration with Web-2 services and social networking sites. Since I use Firefox itself as a dedicated interface for my “Delicious” bookmarking system, I frequently use Flock for less public work and always for uploading to online sites.

For someone who blogs a lot, it is ideal. Whilst I prefer Safari (on the Mac) for speed of access using my main portal, this browser can’t easily be personalised or configured with plug-ins. Flock is the ideal alternative and because it runs on both Mac and Windows, provides a configurable interface common to both. I can switch between machines seamlessly.

It ccould be said that you need to know what you’re doing to understand some of Flock’s greater facilities, so users views are mixed. Now under new management, the forthcoming version should benefit from a new impetus and ease of use for the layman could use some improvement.

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~ by malburns on November 7, 2006.

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