War is over – if you want it

IRA Says It Will Disarm | July 28, 2005

At 4.30pm today the IRA renounced and ceased all military operations in Northern Ireland and elsewhere. Although they have not disbanded, they will be pursuing a peaceful democratic path following increasing political support in both Northern Ireland and the republic itself. This link has the latest.

I rarely use a printer these days – email, blogs and portable electronic documents have made them both un-necessary and an appalling waste of paper resources which the world’s forests can ill afford any longer. Now there’s another reason. Click here to find out how the Electronic Frontier Foundation are going public on their concern about home-printer manufacturers whose products are producing hidden watermarks that can identify you to government and other parties. Anyone producing hard-copy for propaganda purposes could be in for a rude shock on their doorstep!


~ by malburns on July 28, 2005.

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