Sexy Sadie – Venus in furs

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Music: Venus in furs
Artist: Sexy Sadie
Composer: Lou Reed
Recorded in Second Life
Land: Da Vinci Gardens
Special thanks to felixx shepherd (virtual land owner)

PRAVDA dark couture

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Visit PRAVDA here:


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Visit Historical Svarga Here:

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In Dreams – UWA V

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A “Seek Wisdom” entry – University of Western Australia UWA V

“Where do you go when you dream?”

We give ourselves up to the darkness and the spirits — each night a new adventure.

IATEFL 2012: Making Business English More Relevant

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Jessica Driscoll of talks about the benefits of virtual learning environments and how they can be used to make Business English classes more relevant. Presented at IATEFL Glasgow 2012 with content from the Market Leader Live course by Pearson and


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Something like a test, enjoy it:)

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Edinburgh Zoo panda mating FAIL: No Sunshine for Sweetie

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Edinburgh Zoo’s giant pandas have failed to mate this year despite the best efforts of the Scottish zoo to encourage them to procreate, dashing hopes that a baby panda would be born this year.

Sweetie and her male mate Sunshine arrived in Scotland from China last December and had been kept in separate enclosures until this week, when experts decided the time to mate had arrived.


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